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Car Magnetic Sign


Magneto’s Car Magnetic Signs are magnetic automotive signage that can be taken on and off. Signs attach to a vehicle by a magnetic effect. If you have a mobile business that keeps you on the go or if you own business that is constantly making deliveries, it may be time to invest in our magnetic signs for your delivery vehicles. Why? Because magnetic signs are a great way to advertise while you or your employees are on the road, since every car that shares the road with you will no doubt take a look at the wording on the side of your vehicle. Since driving is a part of your business, why not take the opportunity to advertise on the side of your cars with magnetic signs as a unique surefire way to attract attention. It’s time for you to take advantages of your city traffic jams!




Magneto’s Car Magnetic Signs are the perfect way to display your company information on any vehicle. It presents business owners with one of the most targeted forms of advertising available and allows you to change the magnetic sign from vehicle to vehicle when needed. With your custom magnetic signs (designed by you) you’ll have a rolling billboard all the time! While riding in your own local business community and neighborhood, your mobile advertising will be seen by thousands of potential customers annually. Magnetic signs are the ideal solution when you don’t want the long-term commitment of lettering your vehicle or if you use different vehicles. Easy to put on and take off, these eye-catching signs are digitally printed in full photographic-quality color.


Magneto’s Car Magnetic Signs are made from durable magnetic material. Car Magnetic Signs are sold in pairs and are offered in two sizes. Car Magnetic Signs sizes are 30 x 60 cm (standard for most vehicles) and  30 x 45 cm (for smaller cars and rear end magnetic sign). Magnetic signs by Magneto offers an affordable way to get your company information out to the public in a variety of areas quickly and easily. Since your custom magnetic sign is on a moving vehicle, the advertising potential is limited only by where you are driving. When parking your vehicle, you have a standing sign that can be seen by any passerby.


Ready to order your Magneto’s Car Magnetic Signs?


TIPS to Help Make Your Magnetic Signs Last! Proper care and maintenance may insure that your signs will last for years!


1. Make sure before ordering your new magnetics that your vehicle doors are steel! Some new vehicles had body panels made from fiberglass or aluminum. Find out if the vehicle has been in an accident, bondo or auto putty is plastic, these surfaces are not magnetic and will not support magnetic signs!


2. When not using your magnetic signs, store them in a cool dry place. A refrigerator is a great place, or just lay flat in your vehicle. When choosing your size make sure that the magnetic will lay flat against the body of your vehicle and not over any trim. Never roll or fold your magnetic signs, this will cause your signs to deform or crack.


3. Keep your magnetic sign clean both sides to avoid dirt collecting between the magnetic and the surface. Dirt and dust between the vehicle surface and your signs can cause your magnetics to loose some of its magnetic holding power, resulting in the sign flying off the vehicle! Before you apply your magnetic signs the surface should be clean and dry.


A Little Bit Explanation on the Design: For now we don’t accept image design, you need to have your own image design (image with 300 pixels and must be in .jpeg format). You can send us your image by email via or CD to our address (contact our mobile for this one). We need 2 days to complete your order. Any further information, please kindly contact us. Notes: Try to make it as simple as you can with your Car Magnetic Signs in order to get people remember your Brand Images. You may also follow this Contrast Chart:




Magneto Advantages:

-    Professional Appearance

-    Suitable for Use on Any Metal Surface

-    Easy to Install and Remove at Anytime

-    Full Size - 30 x 60 cm and 30 x 45 cm

-    Strong Magnetic Cling

-    Custom Magnetic Sheet (Can Be Cut with Scissor)

-    Durable Magnetic Material (0.50 mm thickness)

-    Very Cost Effective Business Promotions

-    Affordable Alternative to Permanent Vehicle Lettering


So instead of paying for your vehicle ... have your vehicle pay for itself!


NOTIFICATION !! (as per January 2010)

We are so sorry, we are no longer serving "magnetic car sign"

As we don't have time to deal with "Magnetic Car Sign Services"

So we want to focus on selling ONLY the MAGNETIC SHEET

You can call any Digital Printing Store near you to have your custom made "Magnetic Sign Services"

Thank you so much for your kind attention...


For the MAGNETIC SHEET, please kindly look below!!


Create Your Own Magnet

You can use our magnetic sheet for many kind of purposes:


-    Business promotion

-    Corporate gift

-    Digital printing store

-    Magnetic business cards

-    Educational toys

-    Custom office equipment that needs magnet

-    Handycraft

-    Refrigerator magnet

-    Politic campaign magnet attribute

-    Anything you named it... just create your own magnet imagination).




Magnet Sheet Only

Order 100 pcs = Rp. 3.500.000,- (Size 30 x 60 cm) --- Save Rp. 500.000,- & free delivery in Jakarta area

Order   20 pcs = Rp.    800.000,- (Size 30 x 60 cm) --- Rp. 50.000,- for delivery cost in Jakarta area

For area outside Jakarta (feel free to contact us) - 0811 811 425


                                         ASK OR CALL YOUR DIGITAL PRINTING STORE

                                             NEAR YOU TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOM MADE

                                                                   MAGNETIC CAR SIGN



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